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11" x 14" Special Commission Family Coat of Arms for Your Last Name:          Ideal for wedding, anniversary, and gifts for gentlemen


  • For immediate commission with your family coat of arms as art, according to your surname or art provided:
  • Available for ALL European ancestries – other countries would use their grand symbol of state
  • Hand embroidery art: Real Gold and Silver, in highest quality bullion threads; approximately twenty-thousand to fifty-thousand individual stitches
  • Portrait position (vertical aspect)
  • Available framed or unframed
  • Research price inclusive; all art authenticated by Elliott-Middleton – or have artists create your own research or art
  • See provenance and note bene for further information regarding research and process, and resources to self-research
  • Expert advisory for historical and trans-atlantic migration, for determining ancestries
  • Shipping internationally: United States, Canada, Europe and other countries with care
  • Plus, you are backed by the Elliott-Middleton Pledge
  • Plus certificates of authenticity and other tributes are packaged with your order in celebration of your membership into the our family
  • Ideal as generational gifts, gifts for men, wedding and anniversary

US$ 199.00 Unframed

US$ 275.00 Antique Gold Frame

US$ 275.00 Walnut Frame



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Research at Elliott-Middleton historian network draws on field specific subject matter experts when crafting requires further collaborative verification.

Spreading broad and digging deep into neo-Jungian jurisdiction, the Elliott-Middleton approach to symbolism is academic yet revealingly more meaningful when a client requires pertinent substance from their commission, and a body of more weighty knowledge can be retained for in-depth translations, of armorial bearings and beyond. It is for this reason Elliott-Middleton is a sustaining supporter of The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism: ARAS.

* * *

Coats of arms, in all of their prestigious uses, legitimately endorse or consciously represent your service, your values, your traditions, your honour, your successes and achievements, and your inherited qualities to which you are entrusted for the next generation. As such they serve as a brand for your establishment and honourable family name.

The use of a surname to determine a fitting coats of arms, determined from historical leadership, is a practice that can be used throughout all European countries; beyond this the use of regional coats of arms or flags is recommended – the essence being to use this method to represent what you stand for, with authenticity and honour rather than an over-compensating pride – thereby affirming the unique culture of your family, organisation, establishments, etc.

Artistry falls largely on embroidery with appliqué and couching as called for by design; range no. 10 – no. 2 real Gold and Silver bullion, gilts and purl (on occasion Jaceron), drawing on historically sound C17th, C18th, C19th French and English technique, craft, and arts. From the historian-end, skilled eyes and fingers are fully-aligned.

Elliott-Middleton maintains a network at any one time of fifty artists who prepare as we conduct, according to your needs, with a determinedly high degree of consistency.

A highly-involved piece, such as the arms of Austria-Hungary (1915-1918), 16 inches x 20 inches, requires in the order of forty-thousand individual stitches. As such, each embroidery remains unique.


Coats of Arms Resources
Burke’s General Armory: Burke 1984
Illustrations to Reistap’s Armorial General, volumes I & II. II & IV, V & VI H.V. Holland
Rollands Companion to Reitstap’s: Rolland 1967
Herbarz Polski: H. Stupnicki 1963
Complete American Armoury and Blue Book: Matthews 1965
General Index zu den Seibmacher schen Wappenbuch 1605 – 1967
Dixionario Storico Blasonico
El Solar Vasco Navarro
El Solar Catalan, Valencianoy Belear

Symbolism Interpretation (neo-Jungian position)
The collective works of C. G. Jung: Hull
The Red Book: C. G. Jung
The Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism: Beverly Moon
The Body: An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism: G. R. Elder
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (series): Robert Moore PhD
The Archetype of Initiation: Robert Moore PhD
The Archetype of Renewal: D. Stephenson Bond
The Dragon Within: Robert Moore PhD
Iron John: Robert Bly
Sibling Society: Robert Bly
The Greek Classics
The Legend of the Grail: Von Franz, E. Jung
Alchemical manuscripts: various (often anon.)
Myths and legends of Northern Europe: various (often anon.)
ARAS: Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

Further Resources
The Jung Institute of Chicago, Evanston IL
The Oriental Institute at The University of Chicago
The Newberry Library, Chicago
The Royal College of Arms, London

Nota Bene


Included with every article of fine art or commission a document of authenticity, signed by an historian or principal, according to editorial policy.

Finish and Presentation

Articles, such as certificate of authentication and other packaging additions, ribbons and seals, celebrate the lifestyle of Elliott-Middleton customers and the recipients of their order, ready for both gifting and receiving.


Framing, simple, elegant, and premium fixes arts for your immediate display with acid-free materials and quality finish. Low-glare or museum UV-safe plexi-glass is used to protect and minimize the weight of the entire piece for hanging. Higher standards and extended options remain available, for which Elliott-Middleton will advise through our museum framing affiliates. Sizes indicated are in inches before frame surround.

Turnaround Time

Commissioned art takes time: from one to twelve weeks, largely. On commissioning be prepared to wait. On rare occasions and extremely large examples or volume, time, of course, becomes a factor during preparation. Commissions are final yet we endeavor to assure perfection.