"Art persists, it timelessly continues."                Oscar Wilde

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Research, Coat of Arms & Family Crest Fine Interior Design Textile Arts

No other symbol or badge of honour exists that defines quality of lineage, other than a healthy standard of behaviour, than a coat of arms.  While few individuals have the right to bear a coat of arms of 'family crest' and maintain letters patent, families today are choosing to display an ancestral name coat of arms as a noble statement that brands success, identity, values, and legacies.

Elliott-Middleton research and authenticate historical coats of arms, and discover appropriate and accurate examples from history for your representation.

All research and preparation is inclusive in the pricing. Alternatively, you provide us with your art and requirements, or that of your interior design client.

Research Resources and processes are indicated on the individual product page, and can guide with clarity those looking to do their own research work.

Identify your item of interest and order directly or contact us.

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For The Crown and Her Majesty's Courtrooms, Estates, Museums, Ivy-League, Fraternity, Military, Companies and Organizations, Diplomatic and Representative Bodies, interior design tastemakers, the Well-Decended and Distinguished Individuals, home and overseas.

Letters Patent 
Special Commission Textile Art

La Savonnerie Carpet 
with Bespoke Coat of Arms

French Renaissance Tapestry
with Personal Coat of Arms

12" x 16" Coat of Arms Art
Commission for Your Surname

11" x 14" Coat of Arms Art
Commission for Your Last Name

8" x 10" Coat of Arms Art
Commission for Your Surname

12" x 16" Anniversary Double Arms Art
Your Surnames & Wedding Date

11" x 14" Double Arms or Clan Art 
Commission for Your Surname

16" x 20" Imperial Anniversary Arms Art
Your Surnames & Wedding Date 

Museum Edition Commission

Sovereign & Embassy Class Commission

Estate Coat of Arms Art
Personal & Estate Commission

16" x 20" Coat of Arms 
Art Commission for Your Surname

Family Name History, Arms & Crest Prints

Blazer Badge Commission