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       "I have the simplest taste. I am always satisfied with the best." Oscar Wilde

May 16, 2013

North America & International Sales

Coats of Arms, Family Crests, Interior Design Arts & an Accomplished Life

Dear Gentlemen and Ladies,

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same university.

They were very much alike, these two young men. Both had proven better than many of their peers during studies, both were gentlemen, and as one expects both were filled with ambition for all that could become of their futures, with dreams of their life ahead.

Recently, these men returned to their universities for their twenty-fifth class reunion.

Both were happily married and had families, bought homes and had taken regular holidays following joining the same firm twenty-five years earlier for which they both still worked.

Yet there was a difference: one was the firm’s chief executive officer and the other ran a small department in the manufacturing plant.

What Made the Difference

Have you ever wondered as I do what can make this kind of difference in the lives of two people?

The difference lies in the embracing of symbols of success, honour, and authentic pleasure in achievement; celebrating the qualities that descendants pass to us – along with solid definitions of character, service, and identity.  Elliott-Middleton is for that very purpose, providing symbols of success and achievement, identity and legacy.

A Research & Art Entity Unlike Any Other

Elliott-Middleton is a unique research and interior design arts provider, producing research-validated art for discerning individuals and families, national representation (high commissions and such), sovereignty and gentlemen, stately homes, educational institutions and alumni, architecture and interior design professionals, communications media, board rooms and business, military and serviceman, and other discriminating buyers.

With global best-in-class expert research and the World’s Finest Coats of ArmsTM & Textile Arts, the Elliott-Middleton network of historians and artists also advise on classical branding, adding defensible historic significance to artistic expression with classical arts of cultural identity, history, heritage and tradition.  Cultural constructs inherit value though symbolism affixed by the foundational works of C. G. Jung and this school of psychology rather than traditional heraldic interpretations.

And as a recent-history-to-antiquity research resource known especially through a downtown Chicago presence for the past decade, delivering global migration facts and knowledge beyond service deliverables: period architectural motif insight, Mesopotamia-thru-modern global context, and classical positioning consulting.

Elliott-Middleton provides classical research-validated arts for leaders and leading organisations.

Symbols of Success & Power

Highly-personalised commissions for leaders have been shipped to clients in over one hundred countries; statements that assert to colleagues and associates, family and friends these leaders successes, and by legacy of their achievement for hundreds of years to come.

Almost all of the products in the Elliott-Middleton range are unattainable elsewhere, while artists remain at the forefront of their craft working exclusively for you.

Research & Framed Art Starting at $199

Expertly researched coat of arms and family crest art or that provided us by you, hand-embroidered with thousands of individual stitches, with gold and silver bullion threads start at $199 framed in walnut or antique gold, or unframed from $149 at 8"x10".  That said, the world's most expensive coats of arms are prepared by us too: the same hands that prepare for the world leader will also work for you. And payable in your currency: mostly, clients are from the United States and Canada.

If you feel as we do that these arts of significance belong on the walls of your living room, study or office, or indeed those of your family or clients, order online, call or contact us to begin immediately on your personal commission.

As for the two young men that graduated, the determining factor between the two was one honoured those that came before him, his own past, his achievements as they occurred, while celebrating his successes to come.

Investing in Leadership, Investing in Success

Whilst one can never ultimately promise success, we can pledge that any eyes that rest upon your uniquely personalised fine Elliott-Middleton art will endear those same eyes very much toward you.  And if ever there is a talking point for your guests, professional or social, it is the arts of Elliott-Middleton very much dedicated to you.

PS: As a business or business gift related expense it may be tax-deductible



Celebrate Your Lineage, Successes & Service

Represent your family name and illustrious heritage - words which mean a great deal in the Southern states perhaps more than anywhere - with commissions of The World’s Finest Coats of ArmsTM from your ancestry or letters patent.

Or by drawing on historical coat of arms and family crest issues to respresent your traditions, values and legacies, prepared for you from our research as determined by your last name and country of origin. See our principles on the need and value in representing qualities of identity and choosing this way to do so.

Experience authentic hospitality and service, and a commitment to your order – handshake guarantees as to quality.

Shipping internationally from United States, Canada and other places, is always fair and with due care and consideration for all destinations.

In the Words of Past Clients

"We just wanted to thank you for the truly beautiful coat of arms; It really is a truly stunning piece of art."  P. & E. v. R., South Africa

"... I appreciate all of your effort above and beyond the call of duty."  Dr. T. S., United States

"The gold [coat of arms family crest] ring is superbly done.  Thanks a million."  Dr. A., Sharjah, UAE



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